Do Over

This month Paula is really challenging us in bootcamp class. She wants us to incorporate all we have learned in the last few months and to take a look at the cards we have made in the past (oh no – here comes embarrassing my own self) and take a hard look at the mistakes (or lack of design) and redo one. Oh boy did I find a lot. Although two really stuck out.

This first one all I can say is “What was I thinking?” The conversation in my head probably went like this. “Oh I love this paper, and I want to try that stitching technique in the white pen”. Then I do remember seeing a card done in Navy and yellow so I thought “oh I’ll try this color combo”.  At the time I know I was in love with the Hero Arts/Sizzix stamp dies. Notice I didn’t even line them up right. OMG! I am so hating this assignment. Take a look at the sentiment. It didn’t even go with the die cut. I feel so sorry for the person receiving this as a thank you (Lord forgive me for my sins). I pray it is still sitting at the bottom of a box somewhere in the world.


So here is the redo! A little better.


I used a softer yellow — what a difference. I now have a real honest to goodness Focal Point. I changed the sentiment and used the stamp that came with the die as I should have in the first place. Repetition is in the stamped flowers. I glued down the large flower and “popped” the smaller flower on top. I then popped only one of the smaller flowers, gluing the other down flush – and created a little more texture with the polka dot embossing folder.  I think I created a lot more variety – embossing, popping and using the white punched border.

For the color variation (60/30/10) I chose the navy/yellow and white. Adding the white — made a big difference.

I used the rule of thirds grid I made (piece of acetate with nine equal squares drawn with black sharpie) to help with aligning — I use this grid all the time, because I have such a difficult time lining things up.


Before you ask (shown in the photo above) is my new favorite tool Layer Creator:


OK onto exposing myself even more — work on my next one. This assignment left me feeling naked at first but now I feel like I’m dressed up and can go out on the town!!!

If you are reading this and have not participated in the Bootcamp Challenge, please reconsider. I would like to see other card makers be “real”.

Thanks for stopping by.

8 thoughts on “Do Over”

  1. Beautiful re-do!! I love the rules of thirds you used and the grid, what a great idea!!! I have been cleaning out my craft room getting ready to move, and have thrown away many of the past cards. Thanks for sharing your growth!! You are doing amazing work!

  2. Wow!! What a glowing example of Paula’s lesson! Isn’t it fun to learn? I can’t wait to dig out some of my own past “bad relationships” and improve upon them by what we have learned! Way to go, Anne. I’ve always thought your cards are wonderful but here you have really shown how to make good I to “even better!” Hooray for you!

    1. Thanks you so much Nancy. I appreciate the feedback and your wonderful encouragement. Yes, it is a wonderful thing to see how far we have grown. Thank you for all you do at OWH to help us become better cardmakers for the troops!!!

  3. I appluad you Anne!! It can be so difficult to critique our own work but it can also be so valuable. I promise you we’ve all had those ‘what was I thinking moments’. You should be absolutely thrilled with your ‘after’ version. It shows that not only have you learned about design along the way but you’ve also come to the realization that putting your heart into the details can make a tremendous difference. Thank you so much for being ‘real’ and willing share with everyone!

    1. Thank you so much Paula. I am honored by your comment and thank you so very much for all you do to help us become better card makers for our heroes and their families.

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