Weekend Photos

It was a very humid wet weekend here in the northeast. But I still got to do my favorite weekend thing – travel the back country roads of Lancaster County. So it was nice having the extra day to make up for the rainy weather. In addition to all the fields being harvested for fruits and vegetables, another abundant crop is tobacco. Driving along you see the tobacco crops being cut and hanging in the barns to dry as seen in the photos below.

This is the ripe tobacco.


Here is an up close look through the side slits of the barn where the tobacco is hung to dry.


Here is the view from the road at a barn with the freshly cut tobacco hanging to dry. Over the next month we will watch the leaves turn from this yellow color to the dried out brown color.


I won’t be going out there for a few weeks but I hope to capture some photos of the covered bridges next time I go.

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