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Masculine Birthday Cards

I have a hard time coming up with designs for masculine birthday cards (what did we ever do without Pinterest). My husband works for a Life Center for Seniors as a driver. The participants in the program can stay independent and remain in their home while the Center helps them get to doctors appointments, have meals and get assistance with whatever needs they have.

Recently, one of those participants had to go into a nursing home. Hubby brought home a letter from this gentleman’s son requesting they send him birthday cards. We all have good intentions and before we know it the date has passed and we never got around to sending that card. So I am whipping up 20 birthday cards for my husband to take into work, put them in the lunchroom with a sign and a box. All his coworkers have to do is write a little note of encouragement, wish this man a happy birthday  and place the card in the box. Hubby will bring them home and I can drop them off at the nursing home!

So coming up with different designs for masculine birthday cards was a challenge but once I had a few finished I was on a roll. Here is one of those cards. Yesterday’s card is included in the bunch as well.


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