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Faith Art and Bible Art Journaling

So I have been trying my hand at mixed media art journaling these past couple of months and I can’t even draw a straight line let alone anything else. But I have been finding wonderful teachers on you tube and elsewhere. I love being able to put some acrylic paint, watercolors, sprays, use my stamps, doodle, journal  and it come out as art. I even learned how to draw a face! There is a kids website “draw so cute” that I  am teaching myself how to draw other things. All of these new to me things have led me to Faith Art and Bible Art Journaling and have become part of my devotions each day. I was excited to learn from shiles728 on youtube that there are some really nice art journaling products found on His Kingdom Come in their FaithArt Shoppe.

This first page I did helped me get over the cruel thing my siblings did to me over the summer.

So here is a photo of one of my first mixed media pages.

postingHere is a close up of the journaling. I like putting the journaling in secret pockets or as you can see on this one written in those boxes – only I know where it begins and ends.



Thanks so much for stopping by and have a wonderful day.

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