Do Over

This month Paula is really challenging us in bootcamp class. She wants us to incorporate all we have learned in the last few months and to take a look at the cards we have made in the past (oh no – here comes embarrassing my own self) and take a hard look at the mistakes (or lack of design) and redo one. Oh boy did I find a lot. Although two really stuck out.

This first one all I can say is “What was I thinking?” The conversation in my head probably went like this. “Oh I love this paper, and I want to try that stitching technique in the white pen”. Then I do remember seeing a card done in Navy and yellow so I thought “oh I’ll try this color combo”.  At the time I know I was in love with the Hero Arts/Sizzix stamp dies. Notice I didn’t even line them up right. OMG! I am so hating this assignment. Take a look at the sentiment. It didn’t even go with the die cut. I feel so sorry for the person receiving this as a thank you (Lord forgive me for my sins). I pray it is still sitting at the bottom of a box somewhere in the world.


So here is the redo! A little better.


I used a softer yellow — what a difference. I now have a real honest to goodness Focal Point. I changed the sentiment and used the stamp that came with the die as I should have in the first place. Repetition is in the stamped flowers. I glued down the large flower and “popped” the smaller flower on top. I then popped only one of the smaller flowers, gluing the other down flush – and created a little more texture with the polka dot embossing folder.  I think I created a lot more variety – embossing, popping and using the white punched border.

For the color variation (60/30/10) I chose the navy/yellow and white. Adding the white — made a big difference.

I used the rule of thirds grid I made (piece of acetate with nine equal squares drawn with black sharpie) to help with aligning — I use this grid all the time, because I have such a difficult time lining things up.


Before you ask (shown in the photo above) is my new favorite tool Layer Creator:


OK onto exposing myself even more — work on my next one. This assignment left me feeling naked at first but now I feel like I’m dressed up and can go out on the town!!!

If you are reading this and have not participated in the Bootcamp Challenge, please reconsider. I would like to see other card makers be “real”.

Thanks for stopping by.