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Bootcamp – White Spaces

Yea it’s time for Bootcamp!!! I look forward to them each month. This month one of the things Paula said that I am so guilty of is “…but remember that just because there is a space that could be filled doesn’t mean you should put something in it.” I’ve learned so much from the Bootcamps presented by Paula on OWH. So shout out to Paula – thanks for all you do for OWH and for making me an improved card maker so that I can create better cards for our military to send home to their families.

So here goes.

I love using tone on tone (which in this instance I is the “white” space).


Here are two cards I made earlier last week which I think qualifies as “white space” as an element.



Another point I identify with is “As with any of the design elements, excessive use of white space could make a design look incomplete or boring so the key is to use it effectively.” Lately I’ve been using score lines to help me with this.


Hey – thanks for stopping by. It’s great working with all of you out there who have the same sharing/caring hearts! Once again, thanks Paula.

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  1. Hi Anne! Each of these cards makes a nice use of white space. I like the pale blue you’ve added behind your Poinsettia’s… it ties the two blooms together nicely and the concept of using score lines as a design element to jazz up a blank space without detracting from your focal point is terrific and it works perfectly in you Mickey card here.
    I am glad you’ve enjoyed the Bootcamps this year. Thanks for your kind words!

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